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Our focus on methodology for assuring and developing competence throughout the safety life-cycle allows duty holders to objectively measure and demonstrate competence of staff.

Competency Assessment Management System

Safe operation of installations that potentially pose major hazards is dependent on the competence of the people operating, maintaining and managing these installations. With the introduction of the Control of Major Hazard Regulations (COMAH) 1999 it is no longer acceptable to make untested assumptions regarding staff competence.

HSE guidance requires assessment of sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure everyone has valid competency management. So if you are an end-user or if you are a sub-contractor you must be able to demonstrate your management of safety. You should have a suitable competency management system for your high-reliability safety systems and that you should assess your suppliers and your customers should assess you

CompSIS Competence assessment, provided by Protechnis gives:

  • An independent competent and credible assessment service
  • Whole safety system lifecycle approach for all personnel involved in hazardous area safety systems
  • Systematic gap analysis of training, knowledge and practical abilities
  • Competency assessment reporting
  • Future reassessment and progression
  • Assistance to develop company systems and procedures to enhance competencies
  • Full compliance to IEC61508 and IEC 61511
  • Certification of competence