Safety Related Systems

SIL 1 Onshore reactor safety system for legacy PLC system with very limited engineering information and limited [ 3 day] shutdown window to replace systems covering five reactors in two geographical locations. System was being replaced due to the involvement of the HSE who required the change out. The system was also provided with a full certificate of conformity to appropriate functional safety standards


System replacement utilised existing space, wiring and conversion kits which significantly reduced shutdown time.


The system utilised the existing RSView32 SCADA system which had been installed for almost 20 years and which we had to modify to show the new replacement PLC’s [which didn’t exist when the SCADA was installed and which required modification to be able to communicate with the new products]. The SCADA also had to be changed to remove the previous operator ability to write set points to the PLC’s. This functionality was replaced with fixed recipes which resolved the failure risk and maintained the safety envelope.