Explosion Protected Systems

Protechnis provides Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and explosion protected electrical systems for hazardous areas. Our typical systems are bespoke in nature and are usually developed as a solution to a particularly difficult or unusual problem. Our recent activities have included SIS for both onshore and offshore applications and have included environmental control systems for use in extreme temperatures /environments. We also undertake systems upgrades to replace obsolete equipment which may include a need for reverse engineering of systems typically where this involves the replacement of legacy systems with limited engineering information. We also undertake installation, build and maintenance in tight shutdown windows.

SIL 2 Offshore Control System with bespoke hazardous area certification [due to having to manufacturer the panel to fit into a very limited area] and environmental temperature control system due to harsh environment.


The system was subject to full in house testing including both environmental heat chamber and both positive and negative testing.


Negative testing of the system ensures that both positive & negative faults are identified.