Protechnis offers design and system build services in the areas of both Physical and Digital Security. These services include:

  1. Public Address General Alarm (PAGA) Systems design and build;
  2. Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) design and build;
  3. Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) design and build;
  4. Access Control Systems (ACS) design and build;
  5. Intruder Detection Systems design and build;
  6. Biometric Security Systems design and build;
  7. Industrial Systems network design and build including:
    1. Industrial Automation network and protection hierarchies;
    2. Process Information Networks (PIN);
    3. Enterprise layer network services and mobile device handling;
    4. Security and Threat analysis auditing including risk assessment;
    5. Touch point analysis and FMECA studies.
  8. Corporate governance development and auditing;
  9. People and processes procedural development and auditing.

The security systems services provided are fully in accordance with current industry and national standards. Further, they conform to critical national infrastructure guidelines and requirements.