Engineering Consultancy

Protechnis undertakes Engineering Consultancy service for a number of large energy manufacturing companies. Our typical services include, for example:

  1. Independent safety system verification and auditing including Functional Safety Assessments [e.g. FSA-3];
  2. Gated verification audits using established procedures;
  3. HAZOP and LOPA chairing;
  4. Risk Assessment activities such as;
    1. Safety Case;
    2. QRA;
    3. Environmental Risk Assessment and MATTE;
    4. SIS verifications;
    5. Alarm Management.
    6. Ergonomic Studies;
  5. Engineering management and auditing of EPC or other large contractors engaged by end users so as to ensure that services are appropriate and systems fit for purpose;
  6. Holistic design reviews;
  7. Technical authority works and standard writing;
  8. Power Management Systems;
  9. Electrical Protection and Arc Flash/Blast Studies;
  10. Emergency Power Studies and survivability assessments;
  11. Etc.